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Fortunately for Marion Barber, his pinkie toe didn’t have to be reattached after being severed by a street sweeper and then transported in a Cracker Jack box by a hipster doofis who fended off a busjacking while still making all scheduled stops.

But, that said, the appendage is sufficiently injured to keep Barber from playing at Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Characterized in media reports as a game-time decision, the decision has been made; the Cowboys went to Pennsylvania without him.

Tashard Choice is expected to start in Barber’s place.

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Anyone pickin up Choice? I don't recall the Dallas schedule but thought it was difficult against the run for the next couple of weeks. Going against the Steelers this week is not a good matchup.

Jeez, that is brutal. I guess if you're desperate for a RB. Any history on how severe this toe injury is?

I only picked up Choice because our #1 seed owns him :thumbdown: He doesn't have much of a wow factor, but did show great vision. With Romo at the helm, he could pick up a short TD.

I would pick up one of the Raven or Pats backs before I would Choice and they are all on my waivers. I think I will pass and stick with Dunn.

I really like Choice quite a bit and I"m thinking of slotting him over Hines Ward at the flex tomorrow with that wind. With that Cowpoke air attack, I think there's going to be a lot of underneath space and opportunity for draws and dumps, or just straight up runs. A rookie picking up the blitz, especially tomorrow, will be interesting, but I think he's got the talent to make the most of this situation.

Jeez, that is brutal. I guess if you're desperate for a RB. Any history on how severe this toe injury is?
This is a good question. Barber had a long week to recover, but isn't playing. Is he close, but they didn't want to exacerbate the injury? Will he be back next week and good to go? Hard to know anything I guess. You would think a little toe would be pretty minor, (at least minor compared to a big toe.), with pushing off, driving and changing directions. And certainly dislocated is better than being broken.
Any predictions as to how choice does?

Anyone here starting him over anyone? I am debating starting him over Portis

Choice will get all the carries,a few passes and maybe a few goal line looks.

I've had sooo many injuries at RB I'm happy to have a RB in this position...lol

Any predictions as to how choice does?Anyone here starting him over anyone? I am debating starting him over Portis
I have hightower, ronnie brown, clinton portis and tashard choice, and i can start 2. I have most points in the league, im in first place, and the playoffs start this weekend. every single starter is so important. Sitting portis has been going thru my mind all week, im just not sure yet..he is such a warrior, but everything i read, or just about everything, says to sit him. its one and done time in my league, and the kid im playing has forte and jacobs, so i need to be playing my best matchups...or roll with my studs. im leanng towards choice, he will get the carries, and the goal line looks, and i might go with portis.. ronnie brown is sharing carries and hightower is too inconsistent??? portis has such a tough matchup, bal def did get run all over by the giants, but washington is such a differet team from the g men... i will be waiting to make my decision till tomorrow and looking for advice in the assistant coaches forum, but i do think tashard gives u great possibilities... and so does portis because after all , he is clinton portis, the bal def can be gotten to, and if anyone can do it, its clinton portis! good luck everyone, this is my first post on this site, i have read it all season, i think its so helpful, thanks!
I have Choice but no way am I playing him this week. I have Addai, Barber, Grant, Hillis, James, and L. Johnson in my RB stable. I all ready have Hillis and Johnson starting. Rolling the dice with those and hoping they can bring me to a playoff victory. With Gates getting 0, I need something to happen.

I would not start Choice unless in dire need.

Choice will get goalline, dump passes and 3rd downs, how can he not be a RB2 in a 12-teamer on one of the best offenses in the NFL?


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