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Mark Ingram Trade WHIR (1 Viewer)


Redraft 12 team league 1 PPR

Should I trade Ingram for Baldwin, or Ingram and Mack for Sony and Allen Robinson assuming he is healthy.

I am currently 5-2.

Team is below:

Matt Ryan


Josh Gordon

David Johnson

Lesean Mccoy





Ito Smith


Ronald Jones

Calvin Ridley

I would not make either of those trades.  Keep Ingram.  Both of those offers are terrible for you. 

RB's are more valuable than WR's, and the Seahawks are trying to run the ball more.  Seattle is dead last in pass attempts, and over the past three games has averaged 23 pa per game.  

I do not love Mack and believe his output will shrink.

I would keep Ingram. I too have my concerns about him (Ingram) but until you get a more firm timetable on Michel, I would hang on to Ingram for now. I know Baldwin is a good buy low candidate but you'd be giving up too much with Ingram and I think your WR group is pretty solid with some solid floor options and high upside options as well.



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