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Marvin Jones or Doug Baldwin ROS? (1 Viewer)


PPR scoring - who would you rather have the rest of the way? 

I am leaning Baldwin, but the health concern is always there.

Seahawks want to run, but Baldwin got his even in a blowout against Oakland, and the schedule should force them to throw more going forward. 

Jones' volume concerns me for PPR. His red zone usage is excellent, but with three viable WRs and KJ/Theo in the backfield, opportunity is harder to come by. 


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I personally think Kerryon might emerge as a larger threat as the year goes on which could further decrease Jones targets...not to mention Golladay is really coming into his own. 

I would say Baldwin pretty easily if he is healthy.

Marvin, Seattle isn't throwing enough, only about 25 times a games and in a downward trend versus Detroit 35 times a game.

Can I say neither?  I really don't like either of these guys going forward for the rest of the year.  Marvin is too inconsistent to trust and I don't like the direction Seattle is going or the health of Baldwin.  If I have to pick one I would go with Baldwin since I think he is still the security blanket for Wilson and will be targeted more consistently than Jones.

Baldwin feels a lot safer, but Jones likely has more upside, especially if something happens to Golladay or Tate. If you are relying on this spot as a starter, I'd go baldwin, if its a bench spot, go Jones.


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