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Matt Cassel's Dad Passes Away.... (1 Viewer)


From the Boston Herald...

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The trip out West has turned out to be a sad and painful one for Matt Cassel, whose father has died, a source confirmed.

Greg Cassel was a longtime Hollywood script writer and also spent time training horses. He had divorced from Matt’s mother, Barbara, in 1996, when the Pats quarterback was 14. She raised the couple’s four children.

Players had yesterday off, and the team declined comment. Cassel has two brothers, Jack and Justin, and a sister, Amanda.

Not to sound rude ( I mean this in a good way) if he plays will this be a dedication game where he throws 5 td's and 400 yards? Or will the emotion cloud judgment and keep him average?

I would never be able to play in that situation, I am very close with my father. It would be impossible to have my mind right. Not that he reads these forums but my heart goes out.

Assuming he's playing, there is just no way to predict how a player will perform in a situation like this so there is no sense in trying to predict or adjust any projections.

Does anyone know the cause of death ?

I think it may have been sudden, as I haven't heard anything

about him being sick.


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