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Matt Jones Suspension (1 Viewer)

Honestly I don't see the loss of Jones impacting Garrard all that much. Jones is WR #37 in my league scoring system. It's not like he's a top 20 WR and his loss will hurt the offense. I think Garrard just ends up locking onto another WR (Northcutt, Williams, or Walker with Porter out), Marcedes Lewis or MJD in place of Jones.

It will effect him some because Matt Jones has been his only reliable 3rd Down receiver this year. Walker will certainly be given a big chance to shine this week but the entire offense is strgguling anyways so it is mostly garbage yards with them.

I'd say slight downgrade for Garrard. Big upgrade for Mike Walker

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I can't believe people even start Garrard. He is 14th in my league in scoring guys like him and Ben are not good against air let alone a NFL D.


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