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Matt Ryan- anyone sell this week? (1 Viewer)


Footballguys still seems down on him after that big week without Julio, or White.

FBG's ranks him QB13 rest of the year in my scoring. It seems QB4 to 15 alternate weekly. Wilson was 5th last week now I think 8th or 9th.

Who would you target for Ryan this week and roll with at QB the rest of the year?

I just moved Ryan ina multiplayer for McCoy.

I gave Ryan, Forte, Fitzgerald for McCoy and Roddy White

I overpaid but in a keeper I'm ok with it. Ihave RGIII moving into my starter spot. And I now have McCoy for years.

I think that Ryan is going to be ok for the remainder. I expect the Roddy will heal enough to be productive in the 2nd half and as the Falcons line gets more time together Ryan will be in good shape - his completion rate is still great and his numbers are on par with some of the top QBs.

I actually bought him this week. After trading PRiv early, trying to deal with Kraepernick, having Foles, Hoyer, and Cutler get hurt in my lineup, and mistakenly cutting Luck for Foles I was done dealing with it.

I got him for TSmith straight up, and he's currently QB7 overall, and QB4 by average ppg in our league. He looked fine without Julio and Roddy, and I think Roddy's return (eventual?) will only help him.

I've been trying to decide between riding it out w/ Ryan the rest of the year or trading for Stafford.

Upgraded to Stafford today. Worried about Ryan's upcoming schedule. Trying to trade him now for WR depth.

im thinking of dropping ryan for cutler.cutler is on ww.my starting qb is locker.what do you guys think.


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