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Mattison... how bad is the Cook ankle injury (1 Viewer)


Any guidance on the Cook ankle injury at the end of the Minnesota week 2 game?  Is it worth grabbing Mattison and dropping Carlos Hyde or Kenneth Gainwell in a full point PR and 1/2 point per carry league??



Cook really battled in last week's game and it was pretty dramatic, I would pick up Mattison regardless of Cook's status as it is over those 2 mentioned, but with Cook looking less than 100% it can easily progressed to a more severe injury so it even makes Mattison more appeaing. 

Kenneth is prolly good floor play if you really don't need RB depth(you almost always need depth tho), but in general w/ your bench I like high upside and Mattison is higher since we know he would inherit the backfield if Cook is out.


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