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Maybe Leinart will be #1 pick afterall (1 Viewer)

Lord of the Rings

From this morning's blogger:

"A person with knowledge of a potential draft-day deal said last night that the Texans might be interested in the Jets' No. 4 overall pick if the right package were presented. Such a trade almost certainly would include DE John Abraham. If it were made, the Jets would be interested in drafting QB Matt Leinart. Texans GM Charley Casserly added he doesn't believe a deal is imminent. "I think it will probably be April before this thing gets serious," he said." END QUOTE

Leinart almost certainly would have been SF's guy last year if he would have entered the draft. He gave up millions of dollars to stay in school. More than likely he'll be picked in the top 5 this year anyway, but now with this "possible trade rumor" coming out of Texas, "Golden Boy" might still end up going #1.

If a deal like this goes down, how much would that shake up the draft? How far would Bush fall? Man, talking about a catastophe of major proportions for the Bush camp. Could he slide from #1 all the way down #5... not a huge drop, but from a financial standpoint, I would think he'd be disappointed.

#1 NYJets - Leinart

#2 Saints - ??? Young

#3 Titans - ??? Would they pick up Bush here? D. Brickashaw?

#4 Texans - could still end up with Bush, but if they really wanted him, I'm not sure they would trade down in the first place

#5 Packers - Surely they wouldn't let Bush slide by even if they have their sights set on M. Williams or AJ Hawk.

#6 49ers - No way he gets past the Niners!

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There would be no way that the titans would pass on Bush if he fell to them at 3. If Matt went one the saints would be receiving alot of offers for that second.

if the jets trade up and then pass on bush, ill jump off a bridge. Matt Leinert scares me, big time.

Find your qb elsewhere, please.

Wow pretty intersting. From what I have heard the Jets, don't want to talk too much about QB trades until they figure out what is going on with Pennington.

As a Skins fan I've ben hoping for some kind of Ramsey+2nd or 3rd Rounder for Abraham.....


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