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McAffery trade? Would you do it? (1 Viewer)


Was looking at my squad and felt that I could be in a win now season if I made this acquisition.  I sent an initial offer of...

Give:  Godwin, Woods, 2021 1.05 and 2022 2nd rounder

Get: McAffery and Goff

I knew I'd probably have to give more, but wanted to see if the other owner would be willing to negotiate.  They were and sent this counter:

Give:  Godwin, Woods, 2021 1.05, 2.05, 2022 Round 1 and 2

Get:  McAffery and Goff

This is a 12-team ppr with the following starting requirements: 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3 Flex/K/Def

Current roster:

QB - Watson; Tua

RB - Elliot; D. Harris; Drake; Dillon; Ballage

WR - Diggs; Godwin; Lamb; Woods; Boyd; Diontae Johnson; Hardman; M. Williams

TE - Andrews; Tonyan

This seems pretty steep, but that's expected if I'm going to try and acquire McAffery.  Would you do it?  Or is there a better counter proposal you guys would recommend?

Thanks in advance.



I thought your original offer was in the ballpark...  To me, Woods > Goff and Godwin plus the 1.05 is getting close to CMC.  The future second sweetens the pot.  Put a name on the 1.05 based on your league; is that Etienne, Chase or Pitts?

CMC has been great historically.  Coming off an injury year, which gives me some concern.  Does he bounce back or does the grind start to have an impact?  Maybe three more years as an elite back?  Then it's a risk worth taking for you but I'm not keen on two firsts and two seconds.

You could improve your original offer by making it a 2022 1st rounder; so it's Godwin plus two firsts.  The two second rounders probably don't matter that much to your trade partner, who will have plenty of early picks.  However, they would be your first picks in those two drafts and could be useful for depth.



Owner came back with another offer.  He took out the 2022 1st rounder.

So now it would be:

Give:  Godwin, Woods, 2021 pick 1.05, pick 2.05, 2022 2nd rounder

Get:  CMC and Goff

Still seems like a bit much.  Thinking I might counter with either my 3rd rounder this year or next year in place of one of the 2nd rounders.



Just for reference, in my league, I would likely pull the trigger at that point. However we do 2RB, 2WR, 1 FX. So for you I think McCaffrey is not as tremendously valuable as he would be to me. Just typing as I'm thinking. So, yeah, I would probably not go for it, in your shoes.



Thanks guys.  I decided to just reject the counter.  I had made the initial offer and he has now sent me three counter proposals coming down from each one after I rejected it.  He may be more antsy to make the trade at this point than I am.  I figure if he comes back with my original offer, I'll take it.  Otherwise, I think I am perfectly happy to stand pat and see who falls to me at #5.  It's hard to gauge who will go where in this league, but I'd be surprised if Chase or Pitts fell to me at #5, as mentioned in an earlier response.  Since it is a start 1QB league, I'm thinking it's more likely to be a choice of Etienne/Smith/Williams/Waddle.  I'd be happy with Etienne or Williams, so maybe I'll be able to snag one of them.

As always, thank you for the feedback.  If I remember, I'll update what happens.


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