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McCaffrey vs Harris dynasty value (1 Viewer)

Mike C

I'm really just looking for some general McCaffrey vs Najee Harris in a dynasty league opinions.  But I'll provide some specifics for one scenario.

I am the owner of McCaffrey in two dynasty leagues and probably just need a sanity check.  The guy is still just 25 and has many productive years in front of him.  He's been an almost untouchable asset to me.  But... should I consider a move where I get a package back that includes Najee Harris?

Here is one scenario:

I have him in a 14 team dynasty league. 21player rosters, no restrictions on who to keep or for how long.  Non ppr.  WR and TE are a combined position.  Start at least 1 RB and 1 WR, with a combined total of 5 at those positions. So could go 4-WR, or 4-RB. And then also start 1-QB, 1-PK, 1-D/ST.

I am a contender in this league, although a sacrificed a lot of depth to improve my starters, and that is going to be an issue the next few weeks. When healthy, I start: K Murray, C McCaffrey, J Taylor, D Montgomery, DK Metcalfe, K Allen.  I'm off to a good start and I think I can stay afloat until McCaffrey and Montgomery get back. So I'm not looking at an emergency quick fix move.  But the injuries with McCaffrey last year and this year are getting frustrated, so I'm wondering if now is the time to consider a move.

It's honestly hard to envision what it would take to part with McCaffrey, but Harris could be the next young stud.  The Harris owner in this league is struggling and doesn't have a lot to offer, but he might be happy to land a player like McCaffrey.  I'm thinking something like McCaffrey for Harris, Aiyuk, and his 1st and 2nd round picks.  I don't know.  Is that even close to worthwhile?  Or should I just file McCaffrey away and forget about it?




CMC is almost 2 players when he is on the field. With only 5 RB/WR starters that is a huge advantage. If you can stay competitive and have him for the playoffs one year, or he just stays healthy one year. You can have a real good shot at the trophy. 

Reminds me of Fred Taylor.  



Harris has been amazing on a team that hasn't been that good.  If you can get the package you listed (although I don't think Ayuik is all that) I would do it.  CMC is now an injury risk all the time with the multitude of soft tissue issues over the last couple years.  RB lifespans are usually not long.

If the other team is not fairing well as you stated I doubt he would go for the that.


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