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grateful zed

  • Raiders' Sincere McCormick: Signs with Raiders​

    Rotowire MAY 16, 2022
    McCormick has signed with the Raiders as an undrafted free agent, Rachel Gossen of the team's official site reports.
    McCormick is coming off a record-setting career with UTSA, including 3,939 career rushing yards and 34 rushing touchdowns. The 5-foot-9 running back is one of three rookie ball carriers along with Zamir White and Brittain Brown to join the Raiders this offseason. McCormick likely will compete with Brown as well as veterans Brandon Bolden and Ameer Abdullah for a depth role this offseason.
  • Raiders' Sincere McCormick: Lands on IR​

    Rotowire MAY 24, 2022
    McCormick (undisclosed) was placed on IR by the Raiders on Tuesday.
    McCormick joined Las Vegas last Monday as an undrafted free agent. The nature of the injury is still unknown, but with the time McCormick is likely to miss it could certainly set back his chances of earning a spot on the roster.
just added this guy in dyno to sit on my IR for the season.

any LA homers got the scoop on him?

i know, wild dart throw, but who knows. :shrug:

It was literally a day ago that Sincere McCormick was named among the most likely undrafted free agents to make their team’s regular season roster. The promising rookie out of UT San Antonio was signed by the Raiders this offseason, joining a pretty crowded running back room, which should speak to his potential that anyone would think he’d break through to make the roster.

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