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McFadden and the Raiders D. (1 Viewer)

Both seem to be ranked too low and maybe flying under the radar this week. I get the feeling they could surprise. Am I wrong here?

McFadden's carries could increase to maybe 15 or so, and he should have some opportunities to score against KC.

And with a young QB on a struggling team coming into town, I'm actually considering picking up Oakland's D off the WW and starting them (instead of Tampa, yes Tampa vs New Orleans doesn't excite me). Maybe Asomugha can snag a pick 6 or something.

I also like the fact they won last week; can't hurt.

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I don't think Oakland would be a bad pick at all vs KC. They did OK on the road at both Miami and Denver, and they did great their last home game against Carolina.

Yeah I was faced with MIA vs. STL or OAK vs. KC. Was tempted to take OAK, but KC is better than STL (not by much), so I had to go with MIA this week...

Im rolling with Oaklands D but my league D gets return points (1point=25 yards and 1 additional every 50 yards Bonus)

Im hoping for a pick 6 and or a lot of return yards even if KC scores.

No. 16 said:
I have Fargas, and am debating him - not sure if McFadden gets a bulk of the load or not.
See, this is what I'd like to know more about as well - how they plan to use their backs this week.
Fargas is the workhorse and DMC is the change of pace back.Fargas should get 20 + carries again, DMC will probably get 10 carries and maybe 5 receptions.
need to add DMC is goalline back. I see DMC getting 15 carries this week, as Raiders should blow out KC at home
I als think McFadden has been overlooked a bit this week. When he finally seemed close to 100% he had 12 touches last week, and I don't think his touches will decrease vs KC. I personally like his chances of scoring more than fargas. Oakland knows he's their best weapon.


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