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The Oakland coaching staff, specifically HC Cable said McFadden got few snaps because of his poor pass protection abilty, and being behind, Fargas got all the snaps because he can pass block in the game against SD.

Now, the Raiders face a very dinged up NE D at home. In fact, the NE D is a mess right now. Seau may well play every snap against the Raiders in place of Bruschi and NT Willfork was also injured last weekend.

If the Raiders can keep it close, might McFadden finally get some touches? The Pats are on the west coast already, practicing at San Jose St. Sadly, Cassel's father also died on Monday, and when he returns to the team is uncertain.

Do the combination of these events spell a closer game, one in which McFadden can be a factor?

I personally think that they don't really want to risk him this season, but they'll give him a few touches each game just for the game experience. I really don't think he'll get much from here on out. The Kansas City game was close and he got like 7 carries and 3 catches.


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