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mcgahee has migraines (1 Viewer)


this is the reason behind his sporadic use. what a nightmare. you'll never know unless that big goose egg appears in your score. man up TD played through them!!

wow ... do you have a link with a story? i have not heard this until now ... that sounds like a better excuse as to why he has been surprisingly underutilized at times

I've found a couple of articles on the migraines, but nothing that said that's why he "sits" unexpectedly.

Here's one of the quotes:

Running back Willis McGahee suffered from migraines and is listed as probable.

Full article (long...)


I'm actually starting him today - I'm risking the "0" and hoping for the week 10 repeat in a crucial game.

man i wish i knew what was going to happen today with him. i am forced to go with k smith & fatdale or t choice :eek:


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