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McNabb, Trotter Skip Parking Court (1 Viewer)


against the grain
Not really a big deal unless they don't show up next time. ESPN story

Philadelphia Eagles players Donovan McNabb and Jeremiah Trotter, charged with parking their cars in handicapped spots, failed to show for a hearing.

Glassboro Municipal Judge Charles J. Springman Jr. cited each player for failing to appear at Wednesday night's hearing. A courts administrator told The Philadelphia Inquirer that if the athletes, or their attorneys, failed to attend rescheduled hearings, contempt charges could result.

The men are among an estimated 300 people in the New Jersey community who have received police complaints filed by Maryann Cottrell, a crusader against those who park in spots of spots reserved for the physically handicapped. The 53-year-old Cottrell, who cares for an adult child with autism, last fall photographed the athletes' vehicles parked in handicapped spots outside the Landmark Americana sports bar.

McNabb's doctor wrote to the municipal court, saying his client was hospitalized on the date of the alleged infraction. The bar's owner also wrote, saying nearby construction forced Trotter to use the handicapped spots.
I love the last line. :lmao: Forced to be at a bar.

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