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(Media Optics) Should Biden Apologize To Border Patrol For False Migrant Whipping Claims? (4/19/22 18:50PST) (1 Viewer)


VIDEO: 'Will You Apologize?': Doocy Asks Psaki About The White House Slamming Border Patrol Agents Apr 19, 2022

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki if she and President Joe Biden will apologize for slamming border patrol agents now that they will not be criminally charged after being accused of 'whipping' migrants.


VIDEO: 'The Five' debate if Biden should apologize to border agents Apr 18, 2022

'The Five' reacts to Biden refusing to apologize to border agents for 'whipping' smear.


Direct Headline: Biden Owes Border Patrol Belated Apology Over Phony Charges of “Whipping” Illegal Aliens

...We have now passed the six-month mark since the (Biden) administration called for an investigation of (the US Border Patrol and it's ) horse patrol agents engaging with Haitian migrants illegally entering the U.S. near Del Rio, Texas (Circa September 2021). The administration still (has not) released the completed investigation report.... clearly making up career-ending, false accusations about the agents to change the narrative away from shocking daily videos of 15,000 illegal aliens amassing under the International Bridge in Del Rio...For a week in September, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin published daily drone videos of thousands of illegal aliens gathering under the Del Rio International Bridge. The mainstream media were nowhere to be found....The Biden administration tried to quash the videos with a made-up Federal Aviation Administration drone ban. When Melugin continued posting videos taken from a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter, the Biden administration removed the drone ban and made up a new story: Border Patrol agents on horseback were whipping Haitian migrants....

Suddenly, just about every news network reported that the men serving in the horse patrol were committing unprovoked assaults on Haitian migrants, violating their civil rights....The Department of Homeland Security immediately suspended use of the horse patrols. The agents were placed on administrative leave. They were rapidly labeled “guilty until proven innocent,” (in the Court Of Public Opinion) and six months later, the administration still won’t declare the agents innocent.... President Joe Biden said....“It’s outrageous, I promise you, those people will pay … [T]here is [an] investigation underway now, and there will be consequences,”...Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas quickly piled on, saying the images of agents in Del Rio turning back Haitian migrants were “horrifying (and) do not reflect who we are"....(and added that the images) “painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation’s ongoing battle against systemic racism.”...Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., accused the agents of committing human rights abuses. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., also denounced the Border Patrol, tweeting: “This is a stain on our country.” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., declared, “They are trying to bring us back to slavery days and worse than that....”.....“Human beings should not be treated that way,” Vice President Kamala Harris said of the migrants in an interview with The View.... “It also invoked images of some of the worst moments of our history, where that kind of behavior has been used against the Indigenous people of our country. It has been used against African Americans during times of slavery.” ...

The photographer there, Paul Ratje, attested to the fact that the horse patrol did not whip anyone....Border Patrol agents, like other law enforcement officers, have rules of engagement and existing Customs and Border Protection policy on use of force, which were followed in the video...The only people who did anything wrong were the migrants, who entered the county illegally, which is a crime. They refused verbal commands from a federal officer. That’s also a crime.

Mayorkas said he hoped the investigation would be completed in days, not weeks. It’s been six months. In fact, Department of Homeland Security staff say the investigation has been done for months....Congress needs to demand the release of the report....The findings of the investigation should be released in the same way that these men were publicly slurred; namely, at a White House briefing....These agents and their families deserve that....

Tom Homan Former Acting ICE Director Mar 25th, 2022



Direct Headline: Biden Administration Maligns Border Patrol

The El Paso Times reported that a Border patrol agent “swung his whip menacingly, charging his horse toward the men in the river who were trying to return to an encampment under the international bridge in Del Rio after buying food and water in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.”...The El Paso Times later corrected the story and said, “Our reporting team witnessed at least one agent on horseback swing his reins like a whip.”...But the photographer who took the viral pictures, Paul Ratje, said that he witnessed no whipping at all, and only noted that the Border Patrol agents were simply trying to apprehend the illegal migrants who were attempting to get around the horses...“I’ve never seen them whip anyone,” Ratje said. “He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”...So there were no whips, and the firsthand account by the photographer said that no “whipping” with the reins took place.

Jarrett Stepman September 27, 2021


TWEET: Townhall.com xx@xxtownhallcom xx@xxPressSec

...says that the distinction between whipping immigrants and using horse reins does not change the circumstances regarding the investigation and disciplining of border patrol agents. "Our reaction to the photos has not changed."

11:37 AM · Sep 27, 2021


TWEET: Stephen L. Miller xx@xxredsteeze

They didn't see it because it didn't happen. This is Axios still trying to hedge between what happened and their base audience.

(Quote Tweet) Axios xx@xxaxios Sep 26, 2021

We deleted a previous tweet that referred to Border Patrol agents as whipping at Haitian migrants. The story has been updated to include comments from some journalists on the border who did not see whipping occur.

3:06 PM · Sep 26, 2021



So this is an extremely complex political situation for the current Biden Administration. It's an example of a failed media optics "crisis management" decision that simply forwarded the problem to a different time but magnified the amount of potential damage inflicted.

In late 2021, the Biden Administration could not control the media coverage, despite the majority of the activist complicit left leaning MSM and Big Social Media, shading away from the flood of illegal immigrants crossing into the US. So they fabricated a "whipping" story that was not sustainable and could not close off the negative media optics and make it disappear long term.

If Biden and/or Psaki apologizes to the US Border Patrol and these agents, it opens up a pathway for multiple toxic media narratives to let loose before the Mid Terms ( which is projected to already be a full on massacre for Team Blue anyway) and to pre-stage before the 2024 general cycle.

- How many criminals and negative elements are crossing over undetected into major US cities where there is already major concerns/problems with rising crime/lawlessness?

- Why were so many of these illegals allowed to cross over unvaccinated? You can have two Executive Orders that mandate vaccinations, despite clearly not being able to survive long term legal scrutiny, against actual tax paying citizens, raising questions about medical privacy and personal medical choice/freedom, but not against people breaking the law and are not citizens?

- How many, as The Five and Peter Doocy discuss, are going to be those on actual Terror Watch Lists? That's now a matter of overall national security.

- Where are these illegals going to go and how much will it cost taxpayers to support them? ( Bracketed against inflation and the rising cost of living and the general uncertainty with the fallout of the entire pandemic in play)

- Is this a structured strategy against Red Strongholds such as Texas on the Southern Border, where the total damage inflicted on their school systems, social services and emergency services has an actual direct political gain for the current Democratic Party up and down the ticket?


Now what about if Biden doesn't apologize?

- Politically, the current Democratic Party could lose the Law Enforcement vote en masse ( add in Defund The Police, left leaning DAs allowing "bail reform" to turn many cities into cesspools of crime and lawlessness that threaten innocent tax paying citizens to create an exponential effect and consider the massive number of veteran police officers resigning all across America) that could be punishing down the ticket for multiple future election cycles and raise deep questions about losing the "legacy vote" from not just law enforcement, but all associated pathways including all other emergency services like firefighters, paramedics, etc, etc

- There is a natural consistent cross section between law enforcement and the military communities. When you add in the Afghanistan disaster and that many military families are seeing the full brunt of this Bidenflation at the gas pump and at the grocery stores and watching their kids be locked out of schools, do the establishment Democrats risk losing the legacy military vote as well?

- What is the push/pull with working class minority voters with entire Border Crisis as a backdrop to this scandal? Especially the Hispanic/Latino community? Again risking long term legacy votes that could span generations in countless future election cycles.

Yes, there is a dedicated Biden thread, but this is more than just one story and one scandal, it's a story and scandal that has the potential, as Dana Perino points out,  to simply not go away and become a runaway narrative that creates open Lose/Lose/Lose/Lose for Team Blue. It becomes a media optics CRITICAL JUNCTURE that naturally dovetails into major voting blocks as risk for the current Democratic Party should the existing media narrative trajectory continues to spin out of control.

I have some other thoughts on this complex matter, but I'll leave it here for a while for others to discuss.

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should but won't 

those lies all were part of agenda --- and in large part they worked. kinda like the cages and kids remember? Still today most people believe that was Trump and instead it was Obama, but people believe what they see, right ?


Direct Headline: On The Border: Agents Arrest 5 MS-13 Gang Members And 2 Child Sexual Offenders In 2 Days

Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) agents arrested two child sex offenders, five Mara-Salvatrucha (MS-13), and a Paisas gang member in a two day period....On May 19, McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents apprehended Israel Umana, a Salvadoran national.....He was convicted of indecency with a child by contact and subsequently sentenced for the crime. 

Israel Umana was convicted of raping a child under 13 years of age.....The next day, MCS agents apprehended a Salvadoran migrant near Mission....The migrant was identified as an MS-13 gang member who was previously convicted and had served 163 days of confinement to enter the U.S. after being removed.....Four MS-13 gang members have been arrested in the past four days.

Also, on May 20, MCS agents apprehended 26 subjects near Mission. During processing, record checks on a Salvadoran national revealed he was convicted of rape of a child under 13 years of age in 2016 and sentenced to four years of incarceration.....The next day, MCS agents arrested a Paisas gang member from Mexico. The migrant has an extensive immigration history dating back to 2019, for which he was sentenced to more than five years of incarceration.

TFP May 23, 2022



When the Biden Administration "benched" the agents accused of "whipping", which was proven false and a desperate media narrative spun to try to conceal the utter catastrophe at the Southern Border, it effectively reduced their capability and their man power.

If Cartel members, terrorists, career criminals, rapists and pedophiles are being swept up in just a two day period as shown above, how many are GOING THROUGH UNDETECTED INTO AMERICA?

For those whom are not criminals, then how many of those ARE UNVACCINATED?

Do you want to actually answer those questions?

Here's another one, and not just to the false accused Border Patrol agents on horseback, but when will Biden apologize to the American people at large for threatening their safety, their children's safety and America's national security?


Direct Headline: DHS set to punish Border Patrol agents accused in Haitian migrant ‘whipping’ incident

The Border Patrol agents' charges are said to be 'administrative violations'...The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to discipline "multiple" horseback Border Patrol agents involved in the infamous "whipping" incident of Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border back in September. ...A federal source told Fox News an announcement on the matter is expected within the coming days. ...The source said that DHS will be putting forth proposals to discipline the agents who will have a chance to respond to the charges. The charges, Fox News is told, are "administrative violations," and do not amount to criminal conduct – of which the agents were previously cleared....

...Many Democrats and media outlets falsely described the agents' long reins, which they use to control their horses, as "whips." ...ABC, CBS, and NBC pushed the debunked claim that Border Patrol agents were whipping Haitian migrants, but didn't bother to inform viewers that it was discredited....President Biden weighed in on the controversy, saying, "those people will pay....There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences...."

The agents involved were taken off their normal duties and have not been allowed to have contact with migrants since. 

By Bradford Betz , Bill Melugin  June 14, 2022 7:24pm EDT


Direct Headline: Biden Admin To Discipline Border Patrol Agents Who Were Cleared Of Wrongdoing In ‘Whipping’ Incident

...“The [Department of Homeland Security’s] Office of the Inspector General, they had first crack at it,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told the newspaper. “They determined there was no criminal activity that was done so they closed out their investigation.”..... “Per federal source, DHS is preparing to discipline multiple horseback Border Patrol agents who were accused of ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants in Del Rio last summer. I’m told DHS will imminently allege ‘administrative violations....It’s unclear what ‘administrative violations’ the BP agents will be accused of..... The horseback unit involved is based out of Carrizo Springs, TX....It has been nearly 9 months since this incident took place....”

.....While journalists claimed the photos showed Border Patrol agents were “whipping” migrants, the photos actually show split reins, not whips. Split reins are used to direct the horse and hang loosely down the horse’s shoulders. When a horse makes a sudden movement, those strips of leather will naturally flow outward, which is what was depicted in the images. In no picture was a Border Patrol agent holding a whip or even holding the reins in a whip-like fashion.....

By  Ryan Saavedra Jun 14, 2022  




Biden Administration comes up with an outright lie to make media cover for drone footage showing endless streams of illegals breaching the Southern Border. Then the Border Agents accused, despite being cleared of any criminal conduct, are "benched" from duty, while a massive amount of fentanyl is pouring into the country via drug mules through that region. Lethal drugs that are killing Americans wholesale, especially young teenagers. Nine months restricted from normal duties while the Border Patrol is being literally besieged with no relief in sight for them.

Now since Biden is cornered, and all his lies are outed, and since he promised "they will pay", he has to find a way to punish these agents anyway. With "administrative violations"

Laughable. The context behind this for the Mid Terms and the 2024 general cycle is making this kind of idiotic decision will cost Team Blue the majority of the law enforcement vote all across the country. These current actions are a self admission by the current Democratic Party that the law enforcement vote is lost, it's a sunk cost, so there's nothing to lose by quadrupling down in smearing them yet again.

Repugnant. It's totally repugnant.

Shameful that DHS can't just move on from this, but this is how the government runs.  Twtichy put it the best...

Asked about the police response (or lack thereof) to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden didn’t want to “prejudge” the police. That’s funny, because he had no problem prejudging those mounted Border Patrol agents who were accused of “whipping” Haitian migrants (even though they don’t carry whips). “I promise you, those people will pay,” Biden told reporters. “There will be consequences. It’s an embarrassment. But beyond an embarrassment is dangerous, it’s wrong.”


"What we're seeing right now is the executive branch weaponizing the Office of Professional Responsibility to go after what President Biden perceives as political opponents," National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News Digital. "He doesn't like the Border Patrol. He has never liked the mission of the Border Patrol. And now he is going after these agents because he panders to open border activists. This should never happen in this country."

If these guys are punished (unless there is evidence we are not aware of) the GOP should make a major deal of this...these guys risk their lives at the Border,  appear to have done nothing wrong (and were actually lied about) and instead of apologizing to them for their service are gonna be made examples of...all the while the border they are supposed to protect is a freakin joke due to politics...this is some serious screwed up stuff.

Biden has completely lost me.  He couldn’t be doing a worse job if he tried.  If it comes to him versus Trump in 2024, I’m voting Trump.  Can’t believe I’m saying that.

November can’t come fast enough. If more Hispanics decide congressional seats for the Republicans, the left will be screaming build that wall by December.

November can’t come fast enough. If more Hispanics decide congressional seats for the Republicans, the left will be screaming build that wall by December.
Yup.  Hispanics migrating to the Republicans is the single biggest trend in politics today, and it isn't getting anywhere near the coverage it deserves (not surprising).  Republican Mayra Flores won a district in the border region of Texas that was 85% Hispanic, was won by Hillary in 2016 by 33 points, and hasn't voted for a Republican since 1870.

Mayra Flores on Hannity right now.  She makes a very compelling case that Hispanics are Conservative by nature and naturally align with the Republican Party.  Said that may Hispanics are completely turned off by how far Left the Democrats have gone.  The numbers certainly support everything she said.  At this point I'm starting to think the upcoming midterm is going to be a bloodbath of historic proportions, at least in the House.  The economy certainly isn't going to get any better.  Wait until we start seeing the housing market crash.


VIDEO: Jeanine Pirro: Biden's administration finally admits the president 'flat out lied' Jul 8, 2022

'The Five' panelists weigh in on a CBP investigation finding 'no evidence' Border Patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants, but Biden's admin still seeks punishment.



A 511 page report was created to investigate this mess.

The Border Patrol agents, now formally cleared of "whipping", are apparently now going to be charged with use of "offensive language"

Punishing people for using mean tweets...errrr..... mean language against illegals.

Jesus. Foreigners invading and we have to make sure we say nice things to them. 


Direct Headline: Asylum Seekers Flooding NYC Shelters, Mayor Says, Calling on Feds for Help

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday demanded the federal government help pay for what he said was a wave of asylum seekers pouring into the city, claiming its safety net was being strained by busloads of people coming from border states and elsewhere. Adams' comments echo those of Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who took to national TV Sunday morning to say her city's homeless shelters were filling up because of buses being sent en masse to the city from Texas and Arizona. But as opposed to D.C., the problem in New York City is exacerbated by its "right to shelter" mandate, which means any homeless asylum seeker who comes to town, by any means, has to be put in a bed somewhere....

"Currently, New York City is experiencing a marked increase in the number of asylum seekers who are arriving from Latin America and other regions. In some instances, families are arriving on buses sent by the Texas and Arizona governments, while in other cases, it appears that individuals are being sent by the federal government," Adams said in a statement, adding that more than 2,800 asylum seekers had entered the shelter system in recent weeks....

According to the New York City Department of Homeless Services, there were 28,885 individuals classed as a member of a "family with children" in the shelter system as of Sunday. That's about 12% higher than the daily average in March, the last month for which such data are available, and also about 12% higher than this time last year. Adams said the city "needs additional federal resources immediately" and that it may struggle to provide basic services if they're not received....

The Legal Aid Society slammed Adams for blaming the shelter crisis on asylum seekers, saying the real problems were bureaucracy and a lack of affordable housing. Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, who recently won the Republican primary in the race for New York governor, pinned the blame on the Biden administration. "Their weak border policy is then made worse by what amounts to a travel agency flying the illegal immigrants to destinations all across the country, including New York," he said. "The obvious consequence is that New Yorkers are now stuck dealing with the consequences. The solution is that the surge of illegal entry across our southern border needs to be shut down, the Remain in Mexico policy must be enforced....."

By Melissa Russo July 20, 2022 at 1:48 am


Direct Headline: DC Mayor Bowser is upset about all the illegal immigrants crossing her city’s border on buses sent by Texas Governor Abbott

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser went on "Face the Nation" to talk about the problem of illegal immigration into her city. Not immigration into the US, just her city. DC's problem started when Texas governor Greg Abbott decided that he was going to share the burden of more than 200,000 immigrants pouring into his state every month. Texas Gov. Abbott orders illegal immigrants released by Biden administration to be shipped by bus to Washington, D.C....

Mayor Bowser says that homeless shelters are starting to fill up in the city, and that those are services meant for DC's citizens. Of course, rather than acknowledge the disconnect in her politics and acknowledge that millions of undocumented immigrants in Texas are using up resources intended for Texan citizens, she blames the entire situation on Governor Abbott for "tricking" the immigrants into going to Washington DC....

Mister Retrops Jul 18th, 2022 9:34 am




Three critical things happened and each time Governor Greg Abbott has escalated.

1) When the Biden Administration abandoned the Southern Border

2) When Texas National Guardsman, Bishop Evans, a young black heterosexual male, drowned saving what ended up being two Cartel drug mules and was roundly ignored in the majority of the activist complicit MSM

3) When it was made clear that the Border Patrol being persecuted for being falsely accused of "whipping" were told they would be punished anyway in some fashion for "offensive language"

Each time Abbott has increased the busing of illegal immigrants to Big Blue Cities.

Muriel Bowser's position is disgusting. She is essentially saying the burden of chaos should only be placed on Texas. And how dare the entire country, especially Blue strongholds, be also asked to eat the burden of Biden's idiotic decision to turn the border into an open swinging gate.

So "Yes", for America's national security first and foremost, Biden should apologize and change his policies that enables this chaos. But even beyond, what Biden is doing is open political suicide. Democrats down the ticket in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas are going to get massacred over this at the voting booth. Then if enough illegals, with their implied percentage of criminals, rapists, child molesters, Cartel members, drug dealers, murderers and career criminals start picking off innocent New Yorkers and those in DC, what happens then?

Going after Border Patrol only hardened Abbott's position even more.

This isn't just Biden shouting "This is the hill I'm going to die on"

He's forcing the entire Democratic Party, particularly those non brand names way down the ticket, unto a hill where their political careers will die on.

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At first I thought this whole “invasion” stuff was just some really ugly shtick, but it appears that there’s a deliberate effort to label these poor desperate people “invaders” so as to allow states to take preemptive action: 


It won’t work. 
Pretty sure when it starts getting reported more often how illegal invaders have come to our country and have done horrible things like rape ten year olds and kill girls out for a jog, it will work. 

Sorry Tim. Better get a furniture dolly. 

It’s a brilliant strategy to send more to Wash DC and NYC, expose these mayors as the hypocrites that we know they are.  

It’s a brilliant strategy to send more to Wash DC and NYC, expose these mayors as the hypocrites that we know they are.  
yep.  they are 100% for illegal immigrants until they are dropped off in their back yard.  this is how it should work.  you want them, you got them.  this is justified irony.

Pretty sure Texas bused some to Delaware to.  the horror.

It’s a brilliant strategy to send more to Wash DC and NYC, expose these mayors as the hypocrites that we know they are.  

It is also the right thing to do...being a sanctuary city should be more than just virtue-signaling...step up and do the hard work as well.

Just thought I'd resurrect this. Of all the things Biden has done as President, this might be the most reprehensible. Not only did he defame these people before having all the facts, but when he did have all the facts showing their innocence, he didn't speak up and apologize. Where I come from we call that a POS.
Understandable mistake considering the images and videos we all, and the ultimate finding by DHS that the border agents used excessive force.
Such a pathetic/disgusting story…they knew the truth but it was more important to push a narrative they felt could score political points…the agents here were treated as nothing more then political pawns…their lives and family were simply seen as collateral damage…the people involved in this do not have a conscience and should be no where near any position that involves the general public.

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