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Medieval Fantasy League (1 Viewer)

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Draftmaster 2 info. This is basically a draft it and watch it league. Full rules on the league page under bylaws. Quick cap of them are listed below.

Basic info...

26 Player Rosters

12 Teams

$26.00 3 Div. Early Draft JULY 14

1 PPR Scoring

H2H Matchups weekly.

6 Teams make the playoffs

Lineup 1QB 2RB 3WR 1 TE and 1 Flex (WR,RB,TE) 1K 1D

Payment due by May 25, 2008

Payouts $252 (MFL Fees are $60.00)

1st place 180.00

2nd place 50.00

3rd place 22.00


Idea is to allow the best drafter to prevail while having H2H matchups weekly.

MFL will play your best starting lineup for you weekly, so you will not set a lineup. No waivers, no trades. You will get credit for your best scoring players automatically.

These leagues can be really fun and are inexpensive. STATE WHICH MINI BANNER YOU WOULD LIKE IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE




What makes it medieval? Do you have to use thees and thous in trade offers?

Are we drafting knights of the round table?

Do you offer points per crusade?


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