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Melky Cabrera (1 Viewer)


Guy was tearing it up before he was hit with his suspension last year.

New year, new team...........what says the BF

Fyi there were tons of reports in 2011'that he started taking his fitness seriously and got into KC camp in great shape. Thats usually the red flag right there

I think Melky proves the doubters wrong this year
Same. He's hit .285+ 4 years in a row, he's in more of a hitters park than he's been in recently, and his projected spot in the lineup is pretty much ideal, behind Jose Reyes and in front of Bautista and Encarnacion. And in regard to not walking, his BB% over the last 4 years is 7%, which is merely below average, and not a big deal imo considering his K% over the same time frame is great at only ~12.5%.
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