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Melvin gordon for Cook Adams and jones? (1 Viewer)


need some expert advice! Got offered Dalvin Cook, Josh Adams and Aaron jones for Gordon & ekhler. Gordon just went down. Trade still on table. What to do .. what to do

I would probably do it. Between the three guys you have a solid base in which you can play match ups throughout the playoffs. If Gordon is only out a couple of weeks you may not be able to trust him when he first comes back anyway.

Is this for redraft or dynasty?  If this dynasty I think that is a fairly easy accept if you can keep all of them.

In a redraft I would be a little more hesitant as this year Cook and Adams seem to be in a time share and Jones still isn't being used enough (why was he out of the game yesterday in the final couple drives when they needed a big play?).  However, with Gordon being out multiple weeks (at least that is the current belief) there is a chance that Ekeler splits time with Justin Jackson from here on out.  I think I pull the trigger either way (dynasty or redraft).


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