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Memorable Sports Events discussion thread: Tyson vs Holyfield II (1 Viewer)


Using the same format as the classic album discussion thread, I thought it would be fun to have a thread about memorable sports moments over the last 30 years or so. I am interested in hearing about where you were at the time, what your thoughts were then,  and how you view the event in retrospect.

I want to begin with Tyson vs. Holyfield II (1997)

I'll cut right to the chase here and describe the 3rd round. From The Boxing Kings by Paul Beston:

Coming out for the third round, Tyson unleashed about thirty seconds of fury that brought spectators to their feet and conjured memories of the young warrior from the 1980s. Now the fight was on. And then, with the round nearly over, Tyson, moving into a clinch with Holyfield, nuzzled his head close and took a bite out of Holyfield's right ear. Many didn't see it happen. The next thing they knew, Holyfield was leaping into the air, spinning around and hopping as if he had been electrocuted. When referee Mills Lane called time, Holyfield turned his back on Tyson and walked into his corner. Tyson, who had bitten off and spat out the piece of Holyfield's ear almost in one fluid motion, came up behind Holyfield and pushed him into the ropes. Lane jumped between them.  Confusion reigned.

"He bit my ear!" Holyfield said to his corner.  It looked as though Lane would disqualify Tyson, but then he thought better of it. The ringside doctor, Flip Homansky, inspected the ear and told Lane that the fight could continue. Lane signaled to the judges to deduct 2 points from Tyson's scorecard- one for the bite and one for the push. He approached Tyson's corner to inform them.  "That was a punch," Tyson said.  "BS", "Lane replied. He waved the two fighters together.  By now, the MGM Grand crowd was on its feet, many not understanding what had occurred. The action resumed.  Tyson landed a good left hook and a right. They moved into another clinch. Tyson leaned around Holyfield's neck and bit again- this time the left ear.

Holyfield hopped away again and glared at Tyson, who held his gloves up, as if to say, "C'mon, fight!" And Holyfield did, throwing wild punches. Both men seemed intent on slugging it out now.  The bell sounded. The millions watching at home or on closed circuit were busy watching replays of the third round when the broadcast cut back to live action. Lane had disqualified Tyson.  The ring announcer had not even had a chance to declare the disqualification to the confused crowd when Tyson and his camp went beserk. Tyson threw punches at anyone near him, including police officers.

...When Tyson left he was showered with cups and detritus. Someone threw a bottle at Tyson and he and his men tried to climb into the crowd before they were restrained. The mania spilled out from the arena into the neighboring casino, where a stampede broke out amid rumors of gunshots.




what the story failed to mention was that Tyson intentionally spit out his mouth guard in order to get a better bite on the ear. He was able to get a good chunk the second time.

Prior to, Tyson was beyond frustrated as Holyfields strategy was to clinch anytime Tyson got in range. I remember it being frustrating as a viewer as well.

Such a disgusting act by Tyson. He was a crazy sob. The stuff he said and did. One scary human being. Hard to believe what's her face married him.


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