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Memorial team opinions for championship lineup: (1 Viewer)


Sorry for long post but dad passed away right before fantasy season, longtime family/friend ppr league. He never won, but played in one championship. So this year I kept my team out, and played his team with draft spot and all, and added “memorial team” to his team name in hopes of getting him a title. He made it to the ship so any opinions on some tough decisions appreciated, he’s not favored and down 24 after Schultz Thursday night.
Qb: Hurts\Jones\Purdy played Jones last week, thinking of playing Purdy this week, 9ers were in red zone like 5 times last week and play Vegas this week. Jones tempting also or can pick up Minshew. Goedert is team TE.
RB: have to start 1, can play 2: Etienne, Allgeier, White, planning on Etienne, but worry about resting him some for next weeks game vs Titans.
WR: start 2 can play 3: Diggs/Wilson/D.Smith/M.Williams, planning on Diggs, Wilson and Smith especially since Mike White back for Jets and if Minshew plays. But could bench one for RB. Thought hard of benching Diggs last week, guy has been in slump compared to early season.
Def: loaded up on good matchups for this game, struggling to pick from Giants Chargers, Pats (if no Tua), or Jags, leaning Giants at this point as it seems Indy tanking.


Hurts out so between the other two Jones has higher ceiling and Purdy higher floor imop. Since your down 24 I'd play the higher ceiling...Jones
Stay with Etienne,Jags aren't resting anyone and even if he "rests" late in the game his numbers should be very good
Gotta stay with Diggs in a potential high score game. Smith is a good play right now. I'd lean to Williams as third. Starters are starting for LA and Williams has a high ceiling.
I like The Giants D in that group.
Good luck!

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