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Mercedes Lewis (1 Viewer)



- Matt Jones and Jerry Porter are out, not that Porter has mattered this year anyway.

- Jax lost 4 in row and has given up an average of 26 points per game in those losses; they'll most likely be playing from behind as GB has scored 29 PPG in their last 4. Jax O is averaging 13 PPG in last 4.

- Green Bay D is about 20th against the TE.

- Game is at home.


- FB Greg Jones is out. I'm thinking that this may lend itself to more blocking opportunities for Lewis.

- Has been a mediocre 2.75/35 in the last 4 games with no TDs.

Is Lewis a viable option this week? I believe he will be as their only other WRs are Mike Walker, Reggie Williams and Dennis Northcutt who between them are averaging less than 6 receptions per game. Their only other receiving option is MJD who I expect good things from this week. I also expect them to be passing a lot in the last 3 quarters as a result of Green Bay's offense treating the Jax D like a rag doll.

What do you think?


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