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merry christmas brohans (1 Viewer)


hey brohans i never know if i will be around on the internet much tonight or tomorrow for the big kahunas welcome to the world dance so i am going to get out here right now and say merry christmas and or happy holidays if you are down with another religion or just have a hell of a day if you aint down with any religion i appreciate all you bromigos and i hope that you spend the day doing something good and that you can call the people you love and let you know you do and hey if you are having a rough year man know that you are not alone and that things will get better and at least one crazy guy in brewtown is rooting for you so hey take it to the bank from me  

Merry Christmas to you SWC!   It’s been a crappy year but there is still much to celebrate when you think about what really matters.   Take care of your loved ones.   

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Joyeux Noel to you SWC. May the cheese curds be plentiful and the bubblers overflowing with holiday cheer!

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Presents are wrapped and set up like Santa's magical workshop under the tree. Xbox set up in the den, uploaded with 3 years of gamepass ultimate. It's 1:11 am- I got done early this year.

My kid is 11 and is gonna be stoked with Christmas this year, and he deserves it! Hell, we all deserve it! I gotta say, all is right with the world for this moment.

Merry Christmas to all my iBromigos.

Woke up at 3am in my chair and finished my big guy tasks. Just in time as I heard some stirring upstairs. Back in the bedroom for a little chair TV/snooze for a bit. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. Hope the end of a challenging year brings you some joy. Phasers set to gratitude. 


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