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MFL 6th Season IDP Contracts Salaries $25 (1 Viewer)


We are entering our 6th season. We have 1 team opening. 53 man roster with practice squad. IDP, balanced scoring, contracts, actual NFL salaries. Custom site and banners. $25 annual fee paid through PayPal. Draft and activity year round.

http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/17011#0 (league page)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xcYMakN9sxKlu55oBLJ_24owdsLf3y-3IazaNasTDB4 (2019 charter)

http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=17011&F=0007&O=07 (team roster page)

Kessler, Cody JAC QB
Wentz, Carson PHI QB
Blount, LeGarrette DET RB
Freeman, Devonta ATL RB
Peterson, Adrian WAS RB
Richard, Jalen OAK RB
Beasley, Cole DAL WR
Celek, Garrett SFO TE
Watson, Ben NOS TE
Dawson, Phil ARI PK
Nugent, Mike OAK PK
Prater, Matt DET PK
Cox, Fletcher PHI DT
Hankins, Johnathan OAK DT
Williams, Kyle BUF DT
Griffen, Everson MIN DE
Heyward, Cameron PIT DE
Alexander, Lorenzo BUF LB
Anderson, Zaire FA LB
Lacey, Deon BUF LB

Lynch, Aaron CHI LB

Mack, Khalil CHI LB
Perry, Joshua FA LB

Sheppard, Kelvin DET LB

Whitehead, Tahir OAK LB

Woodyard, Wesley TEN LB

Butler, Malcolm TEN CB
Hargreaves, Vernon TBB CB

Johnson, Leonard FA CB

Johnson, Trumaine NYJ CB

Bethea, Antoine ARI S

Conte, Chris TBB S

Heath, Jeff DAL S

Jones, Colin CAR S

McCourty, Devin NEP S

Miller, Harlan WAS S
Nelson, Reggie OAK S

Weddle, Eric BAL S

Contacted you earlier by email and just wanted to officially throw my hat in the ring to at least be put on a waiting list.  This league looks great and I'd love to be a part of it at some point.  Keep me in mind if you have owners drop out mid season or whatever...I don't mind trying to turn a horrible team around. lol.  Thanks, and good luck this season.


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