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MFL down for you (1 Viewer)

Why do we keep signing up for these #######s to make money off of us?  Every year they’ve got a new excuse. Someone please let me know where I can move my multiple dynasty leagues to?

Oh, and to the first ####### who works for them and defends them, die in a fire but I hope you get cancer first. 

Dgaf - I’m tired of dealing with this every year. I have 50 people texting/calling/emailing me about this because MFL CONTINUES TO DO THIS EVERY YEAR. 

FOR REAL, you can eff off too. 
Why do you keep signing up with them?

ts true that it seems to happen every year during the first week of the season.  Every year I tell myself I'm done with them.  They then straighten it out and I forget about it until week one the next year.  It shouldn't be a yearly tradition.

I don't know what's going on.  I cannot go to myfantasyleague.com at all now, either with Google Chrome or IE.  I tried turning off my Norton Security, removed Adblock, cleared cache, ran ccleanup and rebooted, still can't go to the site.  Perhaps I'll try to startup in safe mode with networking and see if I can get to it.

Looks like it's a service provider issue because I have the same issues when I try to use my IPad, or my phone when I use WiFi at home.  No issues when not using my service provider.


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