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MFL/Fantrax C2C Devy League--$100 buy-in--Recruiting now! (1 Viewer)


Looking for owners to take over (4) Orphan teams in a Campus-to-Canton Devy league, split between Fantrax (for NCAA) and MFL (for NFL). Offense-only, PPR scoring. If we get these (4) filled we can start the NCAA draft ASAP!
NFL        1QB   2RB   3WR   2TE   1 Superflex 2 Flex    30 Active Roster
NCAA    2QB   3RB   3WR   2TE   3 Flex     45 Active Roster

Scoring: Basic PPR. No premiums for positions, no bonuses for performance.

Dues: $100 annually. Due to the headache my co-commissioner and I have had to deal with in recent years with people joining a league and bailing, we are asking for a 100% deposit for the following year. In addition, in order to trade ANY future draft picks, a team must pay a 100% deposit, for a total of $300 in the first year with no restrictions on paying future picks. We understand this is steep, but we want people that are dedicated to a league long-term.

Format**:** The "Premier Style" component: you are in a Tier of 14 teams, and play against your own tier each season. At the end of the season, teams are promoted or relegated based on their performance in-season. Teams still do playoffs within their Tier at the end of the season, but the payouts gradually increase the higher tier you go. With the increase in payout potential comes in the difficulty in competition, since only the top teams are promoted every year, while the bottom teams are relegated. We are keeping it simple and limiting the league to 3 tiers of 14 teams each.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FeLPxYqM4VjRvMfExCLgyfjWXIG4bLj34ZypZVaVKao/edit?usp=sharing for a draft of the bylaws.


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