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MFL Scoring change? (1 Viewer)


Was there a scoring change since last night? I thought it clearly showed on the replay that Peppers blocked that XP which would count as a blocked FG in terms of scoring correct? This is a huge thing for me because if it doesn't count as a block, I lose, otherwise I move on to the next round. It's an IDP league and I had Peppers.

Immediately after the play, MFL showed it as a block. Just don't understand why it changed since last night.

It only counts as a blocked PAT, not a blocked FG. If your scoring rules only award blocks for FGs and punts then you are out of luck. This is a very technical thing, but it depends how your rules are specifically worded. If you still think it should count, then make sure your commish set up the website correctly since I would be willing to bet this might be the first blocked PAT your league has encountered this season.


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