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Miami speedster to visit Da Bears (1 Viewer)


Miami speedster to visit Bears

By K.C. Johnson

Tribune staff reporter

April 10, 2006, 8:10 PM CDT

The Bears are expected to bring University of Miami receiver Sinorice Moss to Halas Hall for a pre-draft visit, continuing a relationship that started at January's Senior Bowl and continued at February's Indianapolis Scouting Combine.

"They've shown a lot of interest," Moss said then.

Most mock drafts have the Bears selecting a cornerback or tight end with the 26th pick in the April 29-30 NFL Draft. But Moss, younger brother of Washington's Santana Moss, is a burner who could fill the need for a dynamic return presence as well as a decent receiver. Then again, with Mark Bradley and Airese Currie returning from injuries, the Bears feel they're getting two second-year wideouts back from a "redshirt" year.

In all, the Bears are allowed 20 pre-draft visits.


The more I look at the draft board, the more I see the Bears going:

1) WR

2) CB

3) OLB

4) TE

Ron Turner doesn't really implement a TE in his offense, never has - only in the red zone.

I'd hate to see the Bears burn a first rounder on a TE if they're not gonna use the flipin' guy.

They'll go WR (Holmes or Moss) in Round One, then draft the best available CB or OLB in Rounds 2 and 3.

....that is unless they're in love with ND's Fasano - who they'll then have to take in Round 2.

They have ZERO depth behind Charles Tillman and Nate Vasher at TE. And some think Tillman is best served as a free safety.


I have been in the camp all off-season hoping/wishing the Bears will not take a TE in round one. I think that if one of the top CBs are on the board, they will jump on them.

I could see Moss in a Bears uni, and think that he could be a nice lift to the return game.

No thanks. The need just isnt great enough to spend a 1st rounder on this guy. 1st up should be a corner, only if moving Tillman to safety is a real possibility. Mike Brown worries the hell out of me, so they might be able to kill two birds with one stone if they take a good cb.

Other positions that I want addressed on day 1:

OG: Rueben Brown isnt getting any younger/healthier and they need to keep the o-line as strong as possible.

DT: Tank Johnson may miss the entire year, or alot of it. Ian Scott is an over-acheiving 4th rd pick, who would probably be better suited in spot duty. Id like to see them improve their run D.

If they were really serious about ARE, this makes sense as Moss is a faster version of him with a higher ceiling as a receiver and returner.

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