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Miami Weather Today (1 Viewer)


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FBG weather section from Friday indicated 40% chance of thunderstorms, but weather channel today is indicating more ominous sounding "tropical storms - bring your rain ponchos".

Any locals have any opinion of what's shaping up? Will weather be a huge factor in this game?


Doral, Florida (PWS)

Updated: 3 sec ago

83° F | 76° F

28° C | 24° C


60% chance of precipitation

82.2 °F / 27.9 °C

Mostly Cloudy

Humidity: 81%

Dew Point: 76 °F / 24 °C

Wind: 11.3 mph / 18 km/hfrom the SE

Wind Gust: 17.3 mph / 27 km/h

Pressure: 30.03 in / 1016.8 hPa (Rising)

Heat Index: 90 °F / 32 °C

Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers

UV: 3 out of 16

Clouds: Few 1800 ft / 548 m

Scattered Clouds 3300 ft / 1005 m

Scattered Clouds 14000 ft / 4267 m

Mostly Cloudy 25000 ft / 7620 m

(Above Ground Level)

Elevation: 21 ft / 6 m

NFL Weather Reports

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I was at the FSU UM game and it was nasty. Water was like a foot deep in the parking lot. Sun is shining right now.

Sun has been shining all day so far....should be drier today but it can just rain anytime anywhere down here. But I don't think it will be anything like yesterday. But a shower will probably happen towards the second half.

Take that for what it's worth...which is like any weathermen's forcast....useless.

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