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Michael Boulware (1 Viewer)


Ok here is my team:DLKevin WilliamsRobert MathisRod ColemanLBKailee WongNick BarnettKarlos DansbyKirk MorrisonDBLawyer MilloyMichael BoulwareKerry RhodesI have to start 6 IDP, at least one of each positionI am planning on starting the following this week.DL - Rod ColemanLB - Nick BarnettLB - Kailee WongDB - Kerry RhodesI dont know who the other two should be out of the rest (Boulware, Milloy, Dansby, or Mathis) What do you think?

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Ok, Ive decided to start boulware, so who should be my last starter out of the following: Milloy, Dansby, Mathis???

I would play Boulware this week, he seems like a good play against the Rams. I'm starting him in my league this week.

I've been starting him every week, although his tackle numbers are a concern. At this point, I still think we need to start him every single week. Play him.


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