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Michael Pittman (1 Viewer)


Mark Kiszla, of The Denver Post, reports Denver Broncos RB Michael Pittman would welcome the opportunity to get more carries. "This 33-year-old guy still has a lot of juice in him," Pittman said. "I'm just waiting to get my opportunity to run the ball 20 times. ... I want to run the ball. But I would never go to my coach and say, 'Give me the ball! I want 20 carries!' " :thumbup:

Finally an admission .... No more beating around the bush. Would a self admission be grounds for a substance abuse violation or will he still have to test postive? Looking at him and David Boston blowing up in Arizona, I always thought there ways something funny going on!

As a guy who traded away Young & Hall, and then picked up Pittman off the waiver wire, this would be too much to hope for....Pittman is bye week filler until and unless his carries increase...


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