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MIchael Vick Breaks both legs in car accident (1 Viewer)

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Hairy Snowman


A spokesperson for the Philadelphia highway safety authority (HSA)has confirmed that Michael Vick has broken both of his legs in a traffic altercation. He has been transported via ambulance to a local Philadelphia hospital for treatment, and the full extent of his injuries are not known at this time, however, both of his legs were visibly broken and not life threatening according to sources.

The accident involved a 2012 BMW driven by Michael Vick and a 76 year old female driver in a 2010 Audi. The driver of the Audi was issued a citation for failing to stop at a red light before striking the vehicle driven by Michael Vick at a high rate of speed.

Team spokespersons could not be reached for comment at this time.

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I am working. I saw a news item pop across. It looked like news. Thought I would take a minute and post. Sorry. I get it. Fake story. If I had looked closely I would have gotten it. Literally working on other stuff. Thanks. Lock it or burn it and be done.

I just broke both my legs in a vigorous masturbating accident. I also got a ping pong ball stuck in my bunghole.

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Just traded him for Ricky Stanzi before anyone else found out.

Also am going to get eight million from the ex-President of Nigeria's wife and am adding two inches to my manhood. Did you hear sexy singles are dying to meet you?

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