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Mid 1st in 2020 for Cooper? (Dynasty) (1 Viewer)


I just got offered a 2020 Mid 1st for Amari Cooper. I am in rebuilding mode and already have 3 firsts for 2019 which I am hearing is going to be a WR heavy draft. 2020 has potential to be a good RB draft. I am extremely weak at RB and not so much at WR. 

Currently, the WRs I own:

Keenan Allen, Cooper, Robert Woods, Keke Coutee, John Brown, Anthony Miller, Terrelle Pryor and David Moore

League is PPR and we can start up to 5 WRs... two at flex.

My RBs are:

Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Jay Ajayi, Aaron Jones, Peyton Barber, Jordan Wilkins, Kenneth Dixon, Chris Warren and Ameer Abdullah.

Please share your thoughts. Send me a link and I'll answer yours

If you really are rebuilding and this year doesn't matter, I'd pull the trigger.

But, if this year matters, I agree with beerbuff.

Thanks for looking at mine!

I don't care your situation.  Cooper is not to be trusted and getting a first for him is a very nice return.  I accept as quickly as possible. 

I would pull the trigger.  No idea what you'll get from Cooper in Dallas, and if you're in rebuild mode what does it matter.  Sell high while you can

I live in the East Bay and have seen Cooper and his antics for the past few years.  He runs bad routes, doesn't try very hard, is a baby, and drops everything.  I would never hitch my wagon to this guy.  


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