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Mid-Playoffs Trade - Commish Advice Requested (1 Viewer)


I'm commish of a 12-team salary cap dynasty league that has been going steady for 20 years.  We've had ups and downs and controversies and I've handled them all to the best of my ability and everyone has stuck around, either thanks to my integrity or the money ;-), but I'm looking for a little advice on this one, as both myself AND the assistant commissioner are possibly affected by the outcome and I want to get it right.

Our playoffs are played in two rounds of two-week series.  So each team in each bracket plays their opponent in week 14 and week 15 with cumulative high scores advancing to a week 16 and week 17 cumulative score championship.

We run one waiver period between series (between week 15 and 16) but encourage trading throughout - helps maximize the value of any bottom teams' players for playoff teams in a pinch.

I and the assistant commissioner are both in the championship playoff against different opponents.  My opponent brings a 30pt lead into this coming week but just learned he's lost Wentz and has no viable backup (foolish on his part, but it's a risk some team owners take).  His only option is/was to trade for someone.  Anyone trading with him would basically have him against the ropes as he would be desperate to protect his very good chance at advancing.

This trade just went down: my opponent traded Wentz (QB18) and two 2019 3rds for Luck (QB3) and a 5th... to his brother-in-law.  I was willing to let it pass, even though it seems as though the owner getting Luck WAY underpaid, but my assistant commish feels pretty adamant that this is questionable enough that something should be done.  He's convinced me to at least raise the question to see if anyone else thinks this is so out of whack that it's worth crying collusion and possibly damaging relationships over.

The additional complication is that I feel I'm too close to the situation to make a ruling, but so is the assistant commish, as he is likely to face that team in the championship if this trade stands, which would absolutely make the "Luck Team" favored.

I proposed that I nominate a 3-owner panel to rule on the situation, which is unprecedented (in 20 years we've never voted on trades and I've never overturned a trade), but I feel like if there's truly a concern here, it needs to be examined fairly by someone other than myself or the assistant.  Before I even go that far, I'd love your opinions on whether or not this trade is so far off that it justifies any action.

Thanks in advance!

I would put it up to a vote with all the non playoff teams as they would be unbiased and unaffected by the trade.
Thank you.  You think the trade is off by enough to do something we've never done in 20 years?  I'm not challenging you, just want to understand your thought process better.

It is not a great trade, but not awful. If done during the regular season, would you think of doing the 3 panel tribunal? That would be my test.
I haven't in 20 years.  I don't love the trade, but it's not my team involved and it's (IMHO) nowhere near bad enough to cry collusion, so prefer to keep my nose out of it.  Particularly given the optics of what it would look like if I raise an issue since it's me "getting screwed".  I'd rather get screwed and miss out on the championship than lose credibility, if I'm honest.

I think most people consider Luck and Wentz near the top of QB dynasty ranks, yeah most people would have Luck ahead of wentz but I don’t think by that much. Yeah thirds aren’t much and I’d rather be on the Luck side of the deal but if let’s say those thirds were seconds instead then I’d probably lean towards the wentz and picks sides so not that far off

Thank you.  You think the trade is off by enough to do something we've never done in 20 years?  I'm not challenging you, just want to understand your thought process better.
It is not the worst trade in the world but because someone in the league is questioning it and the parties relationship with each other it is worth a vote by those not involved and who have nothing at stake.

You made this bed by allowing trades during your playoffs.  The only thing unusual about this year is that it's a contending team instead of a "bottom team" maximizing player value.  Nothing to see here - let it ride.


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