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Mid-season fantasy awards (1 Viewer)


Welcome to the first annual wgoldsph Mid-season award ceremony.   Like the first annual anything, we've lined up a list of d-list celebrities and one hit radio wonders from the 80s-90s to present all our prizes to the winners.   With that said, lets get on to the show!


When the year started nobody expected Kupp to be the best WR.  Hell, aside from one or two people on this board nobody expected a wr1 season.   Personally I faded Kupp, thinking part of his previous production was due to familiarity with Goff.  He has done everything since to prove that he is one of the most elite WR in the game, in a great system for his talent, with a qb throwing him the ball.   For a player who was drafted in the fifth round or later he's the clear mvp.

Honorable Mention - Cordarrelle Patterson

Is he an rb?  A WR?  It doesn't matter, considering the fact that he started the year on the waiver wire and is now rewarding proactive owners with top numbers no matter what spot your league let's you play him in.

QB award -  Jalen Hurts

Nowhere is the difference between real life and fantasy more stark than the QB position, where a player who might get benched in the real world is currently sitting 3rd in qb points after week 9.  Hurts is everything his fantasy owners hoped he would be, a consistent source of rushing yardage with a handful of rushing tds to go along with improved passing.

Honorable Mention(s) - Tom Brady/Matt Stafford

What can be said about Brady at this point?  Drafted as a back end qb1 he's currently leading in ppr points coming out of his bye week.  As for Stafford, he rewarded anyone who waited to draft a qb, or picked him up early as their backup by showing a second wind in LA.

RB award - Jonathan Taylor (sorry Derrick Henry)

This award should be called last man standing award considering the list of injuries to rbs this year.  Before Henry's injury he was the clear winner no matter his draft spot, but Taylor who was anywhere from a mid-first to early second round pick has shown why there was so much rookie hype about him, putting on an absolute clinic last week and overall playing so well that he's regulated pre-season consern Mack to a game day inactive.

Honorable Mention - Austin Ekeler

The reason why Ekeler isn't the mvp is because Taylor has been more consistent in the past four weeks.   I can competely understand if you prefer him in the top spot as Ekeler started the season stronger than Taylor did by a mile.

WR award -  Deebo Samuel

Gonna take this time to do a little victory lap as Deebo has been my man since coming out of college.   Hurt last year, he ended the 9ers 7th game of the season with the most yards of any 9ers WR at that point in the year ever... Including when they had a guy named Rice catching balls there.   While Kittle was out Deebo was the offense.

Honorable Mention - Marquise Brown

The Ravens transformation from a ground and pound attack to a high flying offense wouldn't be possible without someone who can run down Lamar Jackson's (a real life mvp candidate) bombs, and Brown is just that man.  Showing that he is worth his real life draft captial, Brown is here to stay in the wr1 conversation.

TE award - Travis Kelce

Listen, nobody deserves this award okay?   To get Kelce you picked him in the first or spend a large part of your budget and he hasn't lived up to the expectations from previous years.   But when CJ Uzomah is scoring more than Kyle Pitts, Darren Waller, and TJ Hockenson at this point in the season off the back of two crazy games having the number one guy before the year being the number one guy half way through the year is sometimes good enough.

Honorable Mention - Being Lucky

Looking through the top ppr tes I've noticed a similar trend - a lot of poor games with one or two spike games.   Mark Andrews (2nd) was a monster in week five, but only scored more than ten points two other games in the year. Pitts (6th) scored 17.9 and 16.3 in weeks 5 and 7 respectively but scored five or less points in four games.  After a 90 target week one Waller (9th) has had one other game over 10 points.  Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

ROY - Ja'Marr Chase

I know someone was pissed that Chase didn't win or place in the WR award but that's because I'm only allowing players to be in one category, and I defy you to find me a better fantasy rookie than Chase. After a summer filled with Twitter drama and a bad case of the dropsies it looked like the Bengals were right back to their old Bungle ways, grabbing an immature WR instead of a set and forget probowl olineman.   Then week one happened, and since then Chase hasn't looked back, drawing comps to guys like Randy Moss.  If the Bengals can figure out how to block for Burrow, Chase will make a career out of out jumping corners for huge gains.

Honorable Mention - Najee Harris

One thing I can say about Harris is that he's exactly what he was advertised as - a foundational piece of an elite run game.  Another thing I can say about Harris is that his qb and o-line suck and he's spent the year running into brick walls.   Can't wait to see him next season when he gets a qb that is actually interested in playing football and hopefully a line that can get some push.

The Biggest Loser Award (not named Urban Meyer, because even a blind man saw that ending poorly) - Panthers QB evaluation

Matt Rhule had a plan.  He was going to give Darnold easy reads, an elite running back and wr1, and even encourage him to run with the ball at the goal line.   And for four weeks it worked!   Then, like always, reality set in.  CMC got hurt.  Ghosts started haunting Darnold again.   Even  DJ Moore's season began to suffer.  Roddy Anderson's never started.   The Panthers line, never a strength, was just as liable to make Darnold throw to the other team as those old Jets lines.  And all that's left now is a "fracture", a wasted 2nd round pick, and Darnold's contract extension already on the books.

Dishonorable Mention - Vegas.  Just Vegas

The coach of the past, present, and future is gone (yet somehow Dan Snyder is fine, but that's another rant).   Both first rounders from last year are gone because of off the field issues.  The offensive tackle who was taken much earlier than expected has already been shifted to gaurd.   Fans are hoping that multiple time cast off DeSean Jackson will be their savior at WR.  Imo there's one thing worse than being a bottom feeder team in the NFL, because bottom feeder teams (at least ones that keep their picks unlike Houston) always have the draft to look forward to, and that's being consistently middling.  If consistently middling doesn't describe the Carr/Gruden era then I don't know what does.

And that's a wrap everyone.   Special thanks to presenter Cuba Gooding Jr and musical guest 4 Non Blondes.  Hope to see you again next year.

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