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Middle Aged Dummies!! Artists #1's have been posted!! (5 Viewers)

About 10 minutes to go...

There were two ties and I just broke out the randomizer for them.

Any quick guesses on whom they might be?
1Uruk-HaiStevie Wonder
2Just Win BabyFoo Fighters
3New BinkyTodd Rundgren
4ILuv80sBig Thief
5The Dreaded MarcoModest Mouse
6Don QuixoteJorge Ben Jor
7worrierkingWarren Zevon
9Mrs RannousSlade
11Dr OctopusRyan Adams
12Raging WeaselClutch
13Yo MamaGenesis
14SullieStevie Ray Vaughn
15rockactionDaft Punk
16Ghost RiderPorcupine Tree
17Pip's InvitationChicago
18landrys hatDoves
19simeyRay Charles
20Neal CassadyFrank Zappa
21ScoresmanSigur Rios
23Charlie SteinerDonald Fagan
24Hov 34Spoon
25mac_32will pick after
29DrianMalcomBruce Springsteen
30ZamboniSimon and Garfunkel
31KarmaPoliceDinosaur Jr
32EephusDamon Albarn
34Val RannousZZTop
35Mister CiaFrank Black
36scorchyThe Hold Steady
37Doug BHeart
39JPalmerTaylor Swift
40timschochetElton John
41plinkoYou Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
42John Maddens LunchboxThe Stranglers
43Mansterwill pick after
44GalileoThe Kinks
45Northern VoiceThe Tragically Hip
47zegas11will pick after
no one has guessed the ties correctly yet. So keep trying if you like or until one of the randomized victims delivers their fate
There's a solid dozen or so on that list I have never heard of much less be able to even name 20 songs from. That actually excites me a little as I could use some new music in my life.
I have at least 16 of those. Am looking forward to listening to them
Mines kind of the opposite. I’m definitely an “expert” on them but they are obscure enough that I’m sure most have heard of them, but probably haven’t heard much of them let alone 31 songs.

based on your taste in movies - we look forward to you taking us through depths of the Air Supply catalog.
I will say that this post is actually funnier now. @Scoresman showed us my whipping out some Icelandic ****!
I will say I was hoping for 1-2 hip hop artists, and I am surprised there wasn't one or two more metal acts.

I am glad I pivoted off my female pop artists idea, and it's good to see T.Swift and Beyonce on here. I was thinking about Swift or Madonna for a bit.

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