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Mike Davis for Golladay (1 Viewer)


Contract Dynasty, 10 team, 0.25 ppr 

I have been trying to move Mike Davis all offseason. Not because I do not like him, I think he will do well in ATL, but selling an older RB before he has lost his value. Purely a dynasty move. No takers until a possible Mike Davis for Golladay straight up offer. 

Do you see Golladay gaining dynasty value with the giants? I am torn between keeping Davis for his points this season and possibly next, or getting Golladay and hoping that he ascends. If my roster stays healthy, i doubt either are starters. Appreciate the thoughts. 

Stafford, Winston/Hill, Burrow 

CMC, Chubb/Hunt, Dobbins/Gus/Wiliams, Montgomery, CEH, Mike Davis 

Ridley, Brown, Cooper, OBJ, Kupp, Chase, etc. 

Kittle, Hock, Pitts, Arnold 


o its melvin

id keep Davis as a possible trade chip down the line I think you'd get more value later cause someone sooner or later will need a running back and would possibly give you something more of value. yes he's older but he has legs left since he was never a starter to begin with here so you'll definitely have better chances of getting a better wide out or role you want. be patient. 



You don't need a RB and Golladay should eventually get back to his normal self I would probably make that trade.  


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