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Mike Evans' value? (1 Viewer)


This is a keep 12 PPR league so almost full dynasty.

I was offered Ertz & the 2.6 for Evans. (Not really the 2.6, obviously. With all the keepers factored in. The draft includes all unkept vets & all rookies)

Was also offered H. Henry, M. Jones & 2.6 for Evans & my 3rd. Don't like this one at all, but am considering the Ertz offer or a counter asking for more. Start 1 TE & I already have Gronk, but I do need to find his replacement so...

Am I valuing Evans too high?

I am not an Evans fan but since you already have Gronk I would pass. Ertz had a great year last year but I am suspect that he will repeat his numbers with Goedert being there.


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