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Mike Montgomery, GB, DE (1 Viewer)


Since KGB got cut, he had a killer week and then a very soso game stat-wise last week. I was happy to see MM ranked at #12 at DE on the cheat sheets, but it still seems he is in a rotation of sorts.

Any homers care to comment on him? I just got him off the WW, and have hopes he will produce over Hali, Jenkins and Ellis. It's a 16 team dynasty, start 3 DL's.... I sure hope the cheatsheets have him pegged right. Against Chi, I think he might have a good game... or I hope so!

I read somewhere that the coaching staff really likes this guy (including the GM). He has been a little banged up through his short career but I believe he is finally healthy. He may not be getting the official start yet, but he is getting plenty of playing time now that KGB is gone. Jeremy Thompson (4th round draft pick this year) has been getting the official start the last few weeks since the release of KGB. In my eyes, he has done next to nothing to keep the job. From what I understand, Montgomery had most of the playing time in week 9 even though he didn't start. I think last week his tackles came in the first quarter then he vanished and I am not sure why. He should be a much better option than Thompson, who is more of a pass rusher than a run stopper.

If he can command most of the playing time on the field, I think he will be a nice sleeper for the rest of the season. Combine the fact that their schedule is decent down the stretch and he plays opposite Kampman, who requires much attention, and you have a potential DE2/3 with solid upside.

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Has a stretch of up and down matchups for the rest of the season. Will benefit from teams continually chipping in Kampman's direction, but won't produce like he did in W9 every week obviously. He'll probably settle in the 3-4 solo range with a sack every 2-3 weeks.

Jeremy Thompson has a pretty significant groin injury and likely won't play this week, which should increase the rotational snaps for Montgomery.

Thompson was getting blown of the line of scrimmage last week. Montgomery looks like a much better all-around DE. He may not be a big sack threat, but he should get the majority of playing time (even with a healthy Thompson) for a team that is struggling to stop the run.


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