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Mike Tomlins weekly press conference (1 Viewer)


Mike Tomlin said today in his news conference there is no new news on QB Ben Roethlisberger. He said that Roethlisberger reaggravated his sore shoulder on the QB sneak and said that Ben could have potentially played if necessary. Roethlisberger has a 12:00 appointment today to be scanned and more will be known later today. Tomlin said his decision on which QB to start this week will be based on the info from the medical staff and how Ben feels later in the week.

TE Heath Miller has an ankle sprain and is doubtful this week against Indy.

S Ryan Clark and LB Keyaaron Fox are expected to play this week. Willie Parker, Casey Hampton, Hines Ward and Tyrone Carter are all nursing injuries and may miss a day or two of practice but are expected to play.

Mitch Berger still has hamstring issues and will be evaluated later in the week.

No news on OT Marvel Smith or CB Bryant McFadden.

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blend said:
any update on how FWP feels the day after? Is he fully back?
He was sitting with the ESPN crew after the game talking and said he was fine...he looked like he never even played a game that he ran 21 times :D

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