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Miller or David Johnson and Njoku or Ian Thomas? Help me decide and WHIR! (1 Viewer)


.5 PPR league.  Torn on two lineup decisions.

Lamar Miller or David Johnson
Njoku or Ian Thomas

Right now I have David Johnson and Ian Thomas in my lineup but have gone back and forth on these decisions.

Would love your opinion.  Thanks!

Thanks for answering mine

I like Miller over Johnson this week

Other one is tough,Njoku could go off or be irrelevant,I might roll with Thomas

I like Miller as well, Johnson was dinged up all week and I just don’t trust Az. 

As far as TE It’s a toss up I think Thomas is solid clearly Cam is banged up and isn’t throwing deep. Hard to ignore Denver giving up 210 yards against Kittle. But I think Njoku will be less involved than Thomas

Yeah. My brain says Miller but I think I can sleep at night if Miller does better on my bench but not sure if I’ll be sleeping if Johnson goes off on my bench. 

Thanks for your input on my post.

I think I would go with Miller .With Johnson I think the Cards will be playing from behind and will be more likely to pass more. .But the matchup for Miller playing the Jets would be my deciding factor and I would go with Miller.

With Njoku it's boom or bust.But with the info you provided me and my QB dilema  Mayfield loves to pass and will have a big target with Njoku. So I would play MIller and Njoku. I hope this helps.


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