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***Minnesota at Detroit*** (+7.5) O/U 46.5 D.Cook-OUT! D.Swift-OUT! Motown time Baby! (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Fg Shot to extend the lead?

Have you watched many of their games this year? 2nd Half could be a completely different Play on Stage today
And the Lions have surrendered an opening drive TD to start the 2nd half 


Still +14 by most books at the moment  :whistle:

Where is Jamaal Williams...WHERE IS JAMAAL WILLIAMS


Ministry of Pain

come again?
I bet every player in that Vikings locker room was reminded that their head coach might not be there Monday if they don't get their heads screwed on straight real fast. 

I felt like the Lions were a terrific trap game this week but make no mistake, the VIKINGS went in at halftime and burned the locker room walls down...they might not punt again 


Ministry of Pain

What happened to prompt this?
They're 0-100-1 or whatever, ALL Lions fans and especially this one can say whatever they want about Detroit, their owners and their management top to bottom. 

I'm with you though, hoping they win today so we can stop this sympathy tour but until they win, I personally feel bad for them, this is silly. 


Ministry of Pain

Roughing the passer to compound the TD score...this 2nd Half has royally stunk for the Lions

It feels like Minnesota has been on a different speed 2nd half



Teams going for 4th down are out of control now.  Up 2 pts at your own 28 yard line yes its only 4th and 1 but if you don't get it you hand them FG range.

Then they went with a pass play ?  Wow


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