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***Minnesota at Detroit*** (+7.5) O/U 46.5 D.Cook-OUT! D.Swift-OUT! Motown time Baby! (1 Viewer)


Teams going for 4th down are out of control now.  Up 2 pts at your own 28 yard line yes its only 4th and 1 but if you don't get it you hand them FG range.

Then they went with a pass play ?  Wow

Put the ball game in tiny hands 




3 wasted timeouts today (2 on D, and 1 bc they were slow getting the play in)

subsequent play after the TO was an L each time

hopeless this year


on the positive side, awesome 2 pt conversion D  



Vikings homers what are the odds Cook and Mattison aren’t both back together next year?
Why wouldn't they be?

Mattison is under contract for one more season and there isn't a potential out in Cooks contract until 2023.

So about the only way I see they wouldn't be is if there were a trade or suspension or something.



3 missed 2 point tries by Minnesota if they kick 3 XP's they are up 30-29 and Detroit has to decide if they are going for 1 or 2 there at the end.


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