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Minnesota at Green Bay (1 Viewer)

I would have challenged that spot after the Jones catch. Refs blew the whistle when he was at the 20

Ha, ha, that was awesome! Not much to cheer about the last couple of weeks so easily impressed!

Cool day to be Tolzein. Whiskey Boy raised a Packer Fan gets the first start of his career against the Vikings and a Lambeau Leap!

Every week the defense gets worse. Is there is no bottom for how bad Leslie Fraizer coached defense can be?

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Best tackle on Eddie Lacy so far for the Vikings was performed by Scott Tolzien.

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Ponder should just hold up a sign with the number of the player he's going to throw to. Oh wait, he kinda already does that.

Scott Tolzien has been starting for 2 weeks and Ponder has been starting for 2.5 years. I can't tell you who is better.

:oldunsure: Vikings, with the lead going into half-time.. I know the Packers are without Rodgers, but this is still a VERY strange half so far..


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