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Mixon for Kelce Trade Advice (1 Viewer)


14-team, PPR. 3 bench. 2RB/2WR/TE/FLEX. Should I trade away Mixon/Higbee for Kelce? I know it is a no-brainer to get Kelce, especially in a 14 team league, but do I leave myself too weak at RB? My roster is:

QB: Lamar

RB: Mixon, DHenderson, White, TWilliams

WR: Moore, Cooper, Higgins, CDavis

TE: Higbee



I think it's too much to the point where it's not really worth it. The thing that can be making this more attractive is if you say who you plan to also pick up off free agency since it is a 2 for 1. but as it stands I don't think it really changes your team too much. 

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