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MM Hot Takes: Divisional Round Wrap-Up...4 games all on last second FGs or last plays. (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

SF/GB: I still cannot believe the guy in the middle blocks that punt, completely changes the game and San Fran wins a game they didn't score a TD during the entire 60 minutes except on that blocked punt. Is "Discount Double-Vaxx" done for good in Green Bay? It would seem like the Packers are in cap hell right now but I hear this about every Playoff level or really good team just about every year. 

LA/TB: The score really doesn't tell the story, sure I personally would have enjoyed the Bucs going further but had they managed to win after trailing 27-3 in one of the most lopsided games of the weekend where you read 30-27, last second FG by Gay to finally knock Brady and the Bucs out of the Super Bowl talk and it just wasn't that close throughout almost the entire football game. It was still 27-13 pretty late in the 4th Q. 

There were early completions to both OBJ and Higbee which loosened up the Bucs and then Kupp struck fast and furious the rest of the way. The Rams had an excellent game plan and if not for the 4 turnovers I thin this game would have ended like 41-13 but we'll go with 30-27 and I don't watch Rams-Niners as religiously as some fo you all but on paper the Rams should crush the Niners this week. But somehow that doesn't seem to be the projection right now based on previous match ups between the teams..but this is late January. 

Rams should win by 2 Touchdowns.

CIN/TEN: Burrow managed to hook up with Chase and Higgins for much of the game, Mixon also racked up 100 total yds and the Bengals are going to be moving on with a lot of confidence to Kansas City. The Bengals have lost 3 games on the road this year, all 3 were by 5 point or less, 2 of them FGs, they are going to be just as tough an out for the Chiefs and they might have a slightly more ferocious defense at the moment that can slow down the Chiefs' Air Attack but CEH and crew looked pretty good last game, any kind of sustained running makes them almost impossible to beat with Mahomes zipping them everywhere. Surprised to hear the Titans might want to move on from Ryan Tannehill, they can likely get a decent haul or return for him and they didn't invest a lot into him. 

BUF/KC: Best ending to a Playoff game I can remember and the final to minutes required a seat belt and at least 2-3 adult beverages as that game went back and forth, Davis 4 TDs including some long ones, the 75 yd Bomb in particular when the Bills went down 23-14, that laser by Allen and catch by Davis was so impressive, it made you realize the Bills were not going quietly into the night. My heart was heavy at the end for Allen and the Bills, that's not east for a Dolphins fan that has so many bad memories of Marino visiting Buffalo or playing Buffalo in the early 90s but I thought I saw a QB and team that wanted to go to the Super Bowl and was worthy of getting there at least this one time but it was not meant to be. The Chiefs still have gas in the tank and will play in their 4th AFCC in a row, that's twice that Andy Reid has accomplished that as a Head Coach, he of course did it in Philly when he had McNabb. He lost many of those NFCCs but he has been able to put those demons to rest coaching Mahomes and the Chiefs. 

Cincinnati some how some way next week? I said that about Buffalo so Chiefs' fans would prefer I take the Bengals. Is the stage too big for Joe Burrow? Do the Bengals have enough to be a Super Bowl representative for the AFC? Only because KC has been so many times now, will be rooting for the Bengals but am fine whoever moves on to the Super Bowl vs the Rams. 


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