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MNF***Steelers at Colts***(-2.5, 39.5) (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Looks like the Colts have awakened tonight
Great way to start the 2nd Half for them
Wouldn’t a td be a great start?
I just meant the decision I assume Saturday gave to Flowers to return the ball 8 yds deep in their onw end zone, you don't see that very often.
A TD later
A 3 n out later
Colts just down 6 after doing virtually nothing all of the 1st Half.

Can they actually move the ball down the entire field? Tonight, they might need a couple more short fields for their offense.

Ministry of Pain

Jelani Woods dropped a really nice pass in the 1st Half
Jelani Woods just caught an impressive ball as he was falling down and still managed to secure the catch
Not sure what to make of him

Ministry of Pain

Taylor fumbles on the goal line or deep Red Zone area
1st and goal at the 1 yd line...
Just release him tomorrow morning?
This league has no use for RBs that fumble

Ministry of Pain

Deon Jackson active tonight?
They can't tolerate this with a new Head Coach
Gotta send a message and bench Taylor the rest of the way tonight
They could possibly still win this game vs Pittsburgh


The fantasy gods are hating me tonight. I needed Harris to score less than 7 pts to clinch a playoff spot in a FBG contest he gets his TD then leaves.

In another FBG I need Indy DF to score 7 pts to make playoffs they are sitting on 2 and get a 89 yard KR but not a TD that would done it.

Not my night

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