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MNF***Steelers at Colts***(-2.5, 39.5) (1 Viewer)


29 net passing yards for the
in the first half
As a
owner needing 10 points, this is literal torture.

currently losing by 0.72


gonna lose points if/when PIT goes over 20 pts, 300 yards, 400 yards

probably need 2-20 from the rookie

58% win probability (was 77% pregame)
If you are on rtsports their percentages are laughable
Jelani Woods
dropped a really nice pass in the 1st Half
Jelani Woods
just caught an impressive ball as he was falling down and still managed to secure the catch
Not sure what to m

Bad pass by Pickett but even worse play by Pickens. Very catchable
He skipped it in. No way Pickens can catch it.
I did t see it skip
I saw it skipta mallou my darlin....(not really but how often do you get to say skipta malou my darlin) also..... make no assumptions as to who I am calling my darlin for the purposes of this comment.


Pickett literally stares down Pickens every single play. It worked that time but I hope he eventually develops the ability to scan the field a little.
Pickens has 47 targets since Picket has been qb... Friermuth 39 and Johnson 61.... Seems like he is looking at Pickens alot this game but in general those target number cant possibly reflect the your stance since he has been the starting qb at least.


If you are on rtsports their percentages are laughable


90% atm - up 4.08 w/ Colts DST & Pickens
ahhh rtsports is awful as well. Before Harris scored his short td I was 90% 10% to win.... after that I was 67/36 to lose..... 2 minutes later I was 78/22 to win. Late game these swings make sense but when a 20+ point lead goes from 90/10 to 67/36 the other way.....then 2 minutes later it is 78/22 swing back the other way? when the td was scored halfwaythroughthe2nd quarter? Makes zero sense. lol

5-ish Finkle

Kazee was pick 6ing that if the other guy didnt touch it. Total noodle ball from Ryan.
You're saying Pierce broke up an interception? That was how you saw that play?
I'm asking, I hadn't thought of that, thought Pierce kind of alligator armed it but maybe you're right
Not saying he did it on purpose, saying Kazee had drawn a bead and was closing on it like he was running the route. Ball doesnt get touched, he is catching it in stride with only cement truck feet Matty Ice between him and 6.

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