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MNF***Steelers at Colts***(-2.5, 39.5) (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

ESPN Stats & Info@ESPNStatsInfo
The Colts completed their first pass at 7:05 of the 2nd quarter.
That's the latest into a game for a team's first completion since the 2020 Broncos, when they were forced to use WR Kendall Hinton at QB due to COVID.
ESPN Stats & Info@ESPNStatsInfo
The Colts now own the two longest droughts to start a game without a completion this season, as they went without a completion until 7:41 of the 2nd quarter in Week 9 at the Patriots.

Bracie Smathers

Mitchell Schwartz@MitchSchwartz71

Troy blaming the OL for properly executing Empty protection and not putting ANY blame on the QB who doesn’t recognize it and doesn’t get the ball out is bad analysis. I usually think he’s got a good sense of those things but that was a major whiff.
Brent Sobleski@brentsobleski

It's not just the offensive line in Indianapolis. Matt Ryan is part of the problem, because he provides next to nothing when asked to make off-platform plays or create outside of structure. It's a mobile QB league now.

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