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MNF Tenn @ Dallas game thread (1 Viewer)

I’ve given up. Dialed up NFL 88 (Westwood One) on Sirius on my phone and Bluetoothed it to my living room speaker. Then worked my DVR so it coordinates with the feed close enough where I could deal with it.

These are the lengths I will now go to to not have to deal with this broadcast crew.

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lol, not tough sledding. Every single person watching that play knew it was going to be a run up the middle

i still to this day can't figure out what happened with that signing of Nnamdi. it is like he got real old in the course of one off-season
It turned out he could only play press and the Eagles insisted on using him in other types of coverage. 

Also, he was always expecting safety help and the safeties on that team were garbage.

Also, those were the years when the Eagles' D was coordinated by their former O-Line coach because Reid couldn't find anyone else to take the job.

Also, in case you think the team chemistry angle is relevant, Nnamdi insisted on eating lunch in his car alone. 


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